Passings in the Community: Bitner, Burns, Gurka, Lollard, Prieto, Sandoval, Smith, Snider and Vera

Ernestine Kelley Bitner, 87, born March 23, 1928, died May 14. Bitner is survived by daughter Shelley Towns, son Kelley Bitner, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Memorial contributions may be made to St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church. Eugene V. Burns, 86, born Jan. 31, 1929, died May 14. He married Dolores J. Burns, and they […]

Passings in the community: Christensen, Cochran, Douglas, Fleming, Gau, Laha, Mozingo, Ratliff, Reiser and Webster

Louis C. Christensen, 71, born Nov. 12, 1943 in Lakewood, Ohio, died April 14. Christensen entered the Navy in 1963. After serving 10 years, he served 16 more with the Navy reserves. He was quality control engineer for both Hartford, Kemper and Baker Packer Insurance. He was active for many years as a volunteer at […]

Passings in the Community: Angeli, Goodwin, Kelley, Kenjura, Marose, Porterfield, Rucker and Vitela

Carol Angeli, 87, born Aug. 27, 1927, died April 4. Glen Goodwin, 72, born Nov. 22, 1942, died April 3. Goodwin proudly served his country in the Air Force and worked for Luscent for 30 years. He is survived by his brothers, Billy Goodwin and Jerry Goodwin, daughter Elsa Brown and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. […]

Passings in the Community: Blome, Castro, Echeverria, Jernigan, Magee, Molina, Roberts, Stevic, and Wrightson

Susan Gail Blome, 59, born Jan. 27, 1956 in Houston, died March 5. She retired from Shell Oil Co. after more than 35 years of service. Susan was active in supporting many charitable organizations and was a proud member of two committees of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She enjoyed skiing, dance and world […]