Travel with Mitch to Oregon!

I’m looking out the window at a smoky haze. The result of fires raging nearby here in Oregon. I’m in West Linn, a Portland suburb at my sister’s house. I came to dote on my nephew and niece, they’re the smartest kids I’ve ever met! A couple of hours south is a town called Eugene, […]

Art Valet: Examining art in the Heights

Recent conversations and even a thread from The Heights Life blog on Facebook have revolved around the recent announcements of closings of several art galleries in the Heights. Blame has been tossed around on everything from gentrification to non-interest by new residents. I disagreed with everyone, naturally. My take on art in the Heights has […]

Going coastal with artist Melinda Patrick

I always joke that the Heights is the center of the universe. It seems that way for the art scene, at least, especially in the case of artist Melinda Patrick. Now residing in Magnolia with her husband and business partner Bryan, Melinda Patrick was born and raised in Houston and graduated from Bellaire High School.  […]

Creativity tucked away at Heights’ The New School

Nestled among the giant shade trees and behind a tall iron fence on the 400 block of Heights Boulevard, are two seemingly normal homes. With the exception of the giant Tonka style wooden truck, and the dozen children playing. Welcome to the not so new, The New School in the Heights. The over-sized vehicles were […]