Recognizing, understanding signs of West Nile Virus important to staying safe

As The Leader reported in last week’s issue, wet conditions and plenty of standing water means good conditions for more mosquitoes in our area and, unfortunately, the potential for more West Nile Virus infections beyond the first case reported by Harris County several weeks ago. Minesh Desai, an internist with Memorial Hermann Medical Group of […]

Rising temperatures means greater risk for heat exhaustion, stroke

As most people who live in Houston can attest to, the upcoming summer months won’t be getting particularly cooler any time soon. That means plenty of chances for sunburn, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Heat related illnesses are caused primarily by two factors, says Shilipa Pankaj, a pediatrician affialiated with Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital […]

Memorial Hermann Northwest: The importance of testing for Colorectal Cancer

Caught early, slow-growing colorectal cancer is treatable. It’s also preventable.

But many adults delay – or ignore – being screened for polyps, abnormal tissue or other indicators of this disease, which can grow undetected until more serious, later-stage symptoms draw attention, explains Joseph R. Cali, M.D., a colorectal surgeon affiliated with Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital.

Memorial Hermann Northwest’s Emergency Center expands care, access

An expanded, state-of-the-art Memorial Hermann Northwest Emergency Center means even more health care services and experts are now available to meet the healthcare needs of the community – including a real-time online reservation tool called ScheduleNow. Memorial Hermann Northwest Emergency Center has been the area’s accredited trauma center for 12 years. The expansion project’s completed […]